October 28, 2014

Why now is a good time to get into Eve Online?

Well our friendly TMC commenter we couldn't agree more.

On the eve of the phoebe changes why is now a good time to get into Eve Online? It's not just the null sec shake up and it's not just the impressive list of other changes coming in this latest release on Nov. 4th. It is the entire cycle of patching that is bringing these rapid fire changes creating an inviting time to start playing Eve.

A ten year old MMO needs a lot of maintenance and the old six month expansion cycle just wasn't getting it done. Fine tuning comes every six weeks now creating content injections in the sandbox environment. In the sandbox tuning is vital to the continued health of the game. The quality of life improvements provides a healthy incentive to old and new players a like. Such as the addition of the unlimited skill que(this alone is a welcome addition).

So what ever your tastes whither your looking to get into some space piracy or become an industry tycoon it's a fair bet you can take, steal or build your own piece of the New Eden pie. After all, here at Eve Simplified we feel new players are the most important commodity in New Eden.

Looking into the future: Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers announced in the 2014 Eve Vegas Keynote.

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