June 11, 2014

Operation: Summer Fun

I thought I would give you a little update as to what I have been doing in-game and on the blog here. In-game I have been messing around in low sec doing some ratting and just having fun. Everyone should enjoy summer by getting out and shooting something in New Eden. I have been doing a lot of trading and general positioning as we wait for more specific information on the industry changes. I may be taking a break this summer as vacations and nice weather roll in. Even with the patch hitting July 22nd I already have a lot of fun planned that doesn't involve New Eden.

A couple weeks ago I went back through my Links tab at the top of the page and add a bunch of useful information. With links covering topics such as news, markets, killboards, online tools etc. I think it will provide a great way for you to link to and discover loads of information and I will be able to continue to add and update it easily.

I have several lengthy posts(well lengthy for my typical posts) in the wings covering some of my thoughts on new players and the new player experience. Those should drop sometime next week I'm thinking. This weekend will be the two year mark of my stumbling into Eve Online and I have a little nostalgic post rolling out then.


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