September 16, 2013

The TOS Storm Rumbles On

We have all been hearing about the change to the Terms of Service agreement. I didn't really care that much until I read this story over at TMC about this huge scam and the claim that this was the reason the TOS was changed.

The short version some people got scammed pretty good I might add, to the sum of 400 billion isk. Someone got banned and this party is claiming the reason the TOS was changed was in due part to this scam. (The article is well worth the read and a brilliant scam the methods only slightly shader than the average scammer.)

The GM team who under a lot of fire posted this clarification the day after the news was posted about the TOS change. The short version here is that basically you can still scam and all this was always in our EULA now it is just more visible.

The article about the scam in question pretty much stated the same thing as the clarification post by the GMs. Concluding that GM's can give judgement on a case by case basis. They can decide how to handle a situation. Now up until this point I haven't heard of a really good reason for the TOS change.  Now whether or not this scam has anything to do with the change still remains in question. But until we hear an official word on things I think peoples questions are going to keep piling up and answers will be in short supply.

CCP is taking discussion on the topic in the forums here.


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