August 15, 2013

Weekend Interest Rates

A bit of real world investment advice applied to the game world. A large company operates with a certain amount of cash on hand each day. The funds are used for daily operations at the company. When everyone goes home at 5 suddenly you have a large sum of money that is just sitting in the bank. What financial people will do is take those funds and transfer them, for a low interest rate, to another company on the other side of the world that is just starting its operations for the day. The next morning the funds are shifted back to the first company to begin its days operations. In short a sort of micro loan that last 12 hours. It doesn't sound like much but count it up times 365 and you might have a positive number on your hands.

How can I use this system and apply it to Eve. This is what I came up with. My quick turn over investment for the weekend. I usually don't have much time to play over the weekend so I don't really need any isk in my wallet during that time(Note I don't have any active buy orders). Lots of players are playing during the weekend so plenty of money to be made. The only requirement is that I want my isk liquid and back in the bank come Tuesday or whenever I am going to be back online. So I pick out a few items, they are typically more expensive items but offer a decent return if you want to sit on them for a couple of days. I buy a very small amount and place several of them in stations a little off the beaten path but still have decent traffic. If I push one or two of them over the weekend I have been keeping my money working for me all weekend.

The second option is to find an item that moves very fast buy just enough to cover a weekends worth of sells. Place it in a station where you won't have to babysit the sell order but know it has a solid population or traffic. Come Monday morning you find your sell order is almost sold out and you have a few more iskies in your pocket.


  1. Overnight Deposit in Eve, brilliant idea ;)
    BTW, wish you could post more often :P

    Some more articles on PI would be great, or sort of How To Pick Up a Corp for Newbies would be great as well. This is the blog about Eve I enjoy the most !

    Keep up the good work !