April 10, 2013

What is Eve Online? Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about playing Eve Online? Or new to the game?. You might have a few questions about the game, I know I had a lot of questions. It can be hard to find answers to some of your questions. Below is a list of Eve Online related questions and answers from my perspective as a new player.

What is Eve Online?
Eve Online is a Sci-fi spaced based MMO. Based on one continuous server, everyone plays in the same game server. The game is a sandbox style, you can do what you want. Check out the Eve Online Wikipedia article or the official Eve Wiki About Eve Online article for more information.

When did Eve Online come out?
Eve Online launched in 2003. The game has changed a lot through its many expansions.

How are the graphics? Have they been updated?
Yes, the graphics have been updated several times over the years and still look sweet. Ship models are constantly being updated. Here is a link to the latest System Requirements.

Is Eve Online Fun?
The game is incredibly fun noting that I am biased. Maybe fun isn't the right word more like addicting.

Is Eve Online Hard?
The game mechanics can be complicated. It is hard to just jump in but like all games the only way to learn is to just jump in and play.

How much does the game cost?
Eve Online costs $19.95 that lets you buy the game and gives you your first month of time to play. Sometimes you can get the game through steam for as little as $5 dollars during one of their weekend deals. Also if you have an old account they sometimes have special offers for resubscribing.

What is the monthly subscription fee?
The monthly subscription fee is $14.95 dollars a month.

Are the expansions free?

Yes, to date all the expansions have been free.

Is it worth the subscription fee to play?
For me I started playing the 14 day trial and loved it. I wasn't doing anything exciting or fancy I was just playing with simple ships and mining asteroids I subscribed after a week of playing.

What is a PLEX?
Pilot Licenses Extensions or PLEX is an actual in game item you can redeem for 1 month of Eve Online game time or trade on the in-game market.
Can you buy in-game money with real money?
In a way you can buy whats called a PLEX through your account management for 19.95 for 1. A PLEX is an actual in game item. You can a) redeem this item for 1 month of game time or b) trade it in-game for in-game money(ISK). Current In-game PLEX prices can be found at Eve Central.

Can you make enough in-game money in your first month to buy a PLEX?
With no help, no in-game friends, no corporations, I tried mining I played about an hour a day average. All I did was mine and trade some. I made 240 million ISK. A PLEX at the time(July 2012) ran about 500 million ISK. You will have loads more fun in game if you don't worry about the money and just pay for the subscription but everyone has to learn for themselves. If you work hard after 3 to 6 months in, you could be paying for your game with PLEX.

How many characters can you have on an account?
You can create up to three characters on a single account, only one character at a time can train skills though.

Can you have more than one account?
You can have more than one account. Lots of players use more than one account and I have heard of some big corporate hot shots having as many as 22 accounts. 
What is Dust 514?

Eve: Dust 514 is a free to play FPSMMO for Sony's PS3. The game is played out on planets within the Eve Online Universe. Check out the Dust 514 Wikipedia article for more information.

Is Dust 514 free to play?


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